Areas of Knowledge


This area has links to the classes I have taken and my teachers.

Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall)

Perpetrators, Victims & Bystanders: Justice After Mass Atrocities – Eric Stover and Alexa Koenig

Foundations of Political Philosophy: Citizenship and Rights – Sarah Song

Law and Social Movements – Catherine Albiston

Biotechnology Law – Vern Norviel

Energy Project Finance and Development – Todd Glass & Scott Zimmerman

Computer Crime – Christopher Hoofnagle

Biodiversity Law – Eric Biber

Oxford School of Geography and The Environment

Research Design – Rotating Faculty

Economy & Development – Darius Wojcik & Joe Gerlach

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility – Gordon Clark

Corporate Environmental ManagementGordon Clark

Science And Politics – Andrew Barry

Politics of Oil and Gas – Andrew Barry

Nature & Society – Rotating Faculty

Research Methods & Practice – Rotating Faculty

Governance, Politics & Policy – Rotating Faculty

Seattle University School of Law

International Human Rights Clinic – Thomas Antkowiak

Environmental Justice – Catherine O’Neill

Law and Social Movements – Dean Spade

Ethics, Law and Catholic Social Thought – Patrick Brown

Financial Institution Law – Joe Knight

Advanced Topics in International Law: Collective Responsibility – Mark Chinen

Critical Race Theory (three semesters) – Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic

Advanced Topics in International Law: Global Justice – Mark Chinen

Economics of Environmental Protection: A Marxist Critique – Hank McGee

Public International Law – Perry Bechky

Public Legal Decisions: A Course in Leadership – John McKay

Intellectual Property and Global Health – Curt Malloy

Environmental Law Fundamentals – Hank McGee

Intellectual Property – Margaret Chon

International Trade Law – Mark Chinen

Constitutional Law – Cheryl Hanna

Professional Responsibility – John Mitchell

Evidence – Thomas Fitzpatrick

Civil Procedure I –Andrew Siegel

Civil Procedure II – Richard Delgado

Criminal Law – N/A

Property I & II – Catherine O’Neal

Contracts I & II – Heidi Bond

Torts I & II – Ken Wing

Legal Writing I & II – Janet Dickson

University of Washington

American Constitutional Law I & II – George Lovell (Political Science)

Law in Society – Michael McCann (Law, Societies, and Justice)

American Foreign Policy – Aseem Prakesh (Political Science)

Society and Politics – Paul Burstein (Sociology)

Religion and the Law – Yuksel Sezgin (Law, Societies, and Justice)

U.S. Asylum and Refugee Law – Arzoo Osanloo (Law, Societies, and Justice)

(En)gendering the War on Terror – Arzoo Osanloo (Law, Societies, and Justice)

U.S. Supreme Court – George Lovell (Political Science)

Mass Media Law – Cindy Simmons (Communications Dept.)

Human Rights Law – Arzoo Osanloo (Law, Societies, and Justice)

Philosophical Issues in the Law – Ronald Moore (Philosophy Dept.)

Geopolitics – Stephen Young (Geography)

Comparative International Law – Rachel Cichowski (Law, Societies, and Justice)

Negotiation – Cindy Simmons (Communications)

Seattle Central Community College

Intro to American Politics – Jawed Zouari

Intro to Politics – Jawed Zouari

Intro to International Relations – Jawed Zouari


Pre-Calculus II

Computer Programing (Java)

Computer Programing (Visual Basic)

American Literature I & II

English 101


French I-III

Intro to Biology